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PSVR Game Moss

Adorable PSVR game Moss arrives Next Week

Sony drops the official launch trailer for PSVR game Moss.  Spoiler warning!  You’ll absolutely fall in love with the adorable rodent hero of the game.  Step inside and see for yourself.

Sony was absolutely adamant about their support for the PSVR.  They said it wouldn’t go the way of the move.  And I honestly believe them this time.  PSVR content has been constant coming onto the platform.  Sure nothing in the way of a killer app yet, but some intriguing concepts have made their way to the PS Store.  Enter a new, gorgeous game that has the potential to be that killer app.  The beautifully adorable PSVR game Moss.  And it will be arriving very soon, but we’ll get to the release date in a bit.

Initially announced at last year’s E3, everyone couldn’t help but get all “aaawwww” at the cute mousey heroine, Quill.  Looking like a fully immersive Disney animated movie come to life, Moss looks to change what we expect from VR games.  To get you guys excited for the upcoming release, Sony has dropped this launch trailer below.  And that release date you ask?  Moss will be heading to a PS Store near you on the 27th February 2018.  That’s just next week, so you don’t have long to wait to enjoy the adventure that awaits you.  So let’s check out the launch trailer below.  Happy VR Gaming!

PSVR Game Moss Launch Trailer

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