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360 games on Xbox One X

360 games on Xbox One X will be Native 4K

Former Project Scorpio has just shown yet another ace up its sleeves.  Microsoft exec has confirmed that Xbox 360 games on Xbox One X will run at Native 4K.  Jump inside for details.

With the release of the world’s most powerful console looming closer, more details get released.  In this case, the latest news has to do with backwards compatibility.  Fans of last-gen games are in for a huge surprise.  Microsoft exec has confirmed on Twitter that Xbox 360 games on Xbox One X will run at native 4K resolution.  It turns out the extremely powerful console has enough juice under the hood to give last-gen titles a 9X resolution boost.  Since these games ran at 720p, a 9X boost in resolution gets them to 2160p AKA 4K.

The original Xbox games will also be getting a similar resolution boost.  Those, however, will be a 16X resolution boost.  Which means they will only be bumped up to 1920p from 480p.  It’s still a significant upgrade nonetheless.  And all of these games will be supersampled on a 1080p display.  But wait, there’s more!  All the games will also get a massive boost in texture filtering giving them all a cleaner, clearer look.  This news came completely by surprise and I can’t wait to play my 360 collection on this beast in native 4K.  Don’t hold your breath for HDR support, it’s a tech marvel, not magic.  Xbox One X drops on the 7th November in the US and 22nd December here in South Africa.  Happy 360-4K gaming!