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DOOM on Nintendo Switch

Id shows off DOOM on Nintendo Switch

The guys behind the epic DOOM first-person shooter share their thoughts with us about DOOM on Nintendo Switch.  Make no mistake, this IS DOOM in every way.  Check out the video.

A little while back we found out that DOOM on Nintendo Switch was actually happening.  We’re talking full hardcore violent DOOM on the most family friendliest platform ever.  Id Software has come out and showed off just what Switch gamers will be getting.  Basically, its everything PS4 and Xbox One console gamers have been getting since day one.  Well, minus Snap Map for the moment.  And of cause a downgrade in visual fidelity but not to the extent you would think.  It very much looks like the DOOM we know and love.  It’s surprising how well this game has scaled to this humble hardware spec.

Another knock the game had to take to be made possible on the platform is the framerate.  Unfortunately, DOOM will only run at 30 FPS instead of the 60 FPS found on other consoles.  But still, with some clever motion blur post-processing effects, we’ll forgive that omission.  It is DOOM on the Switch after all, and that deserves every praise it’s going to get.  So without any further ado, sit back, and enjoy some footage with some words from Id Software about this phenomenal game.  On the Freakin’ Switch on the 10th November 2017.

DOOM on Nintendo Switch Video