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Dead Space studio Visceral Studios shut down by EA

The team behind the Dead Space series, Visceral Studios shut down by EA amidst production of an unannounced Star Wars Single player action game.  Disappointing details after the break.

Rumours have been making the rounds about Visceral Studios shut down by EA.  Unfortunately, EA has come out and confirmed the news to be true.  The team behind the epic Dead Space series of games is no more.  The team was in the middle of development of a brand new action adventure, single player Star Wars game.  According to EA execs, the game has been given to a different Studio to start fresh on the project.  So the version that will eventually be released, will be nothing like what Visceral has been working on.  I guess we can kiss any chance of a Dead Space continuation goodbye.  Current-gen Dead Space would be so amazing.  Oh well.

Visceral Studios Quick Gallery of Works

Visceral was a highly talented team that worked on a number of high profile titles.  From the critically acclaimed Dead Space series to Dante’s Inferno.  Not to mention Battlefield Hardline.  So it’s really sad that we won’t get to play the Star Wars game they were working on.  EA says that they’ll be moving as much of the team to other projects.  SkyGamers wishes the talented team at Visceral, the very best of luck in their future indevours.