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PSVR Upgrade

New PSVR Upgrade model is on the way

Sony has decided to release a PSVR Upgrade model with some fine-tuning.  If you still haven’t jumped onto the VR bandwagon, then sit up and pay attention.

Japan will be first in line to get their hands on the PSVR upgrade model before the rest of the world joins in.  So what exactly has been added to this updated headset?  First of all, keep your pitchforks down, this is not another PS4 Pro moment, the headset remains pretty much the same in terms of hardware.  The change comes in the form of having the headset jack now integrated into the main headset.  That means a much slimmer cabling to the headset.  Admittedly this is something Sony should’ve done when PSVR initially came out.  Oh well, its here now.

The second major update comes in the form of a new processor unit that now supports HDR passthrough.  What this means for gamers is that you no longer have to disconnect your PSVR if you want to watch HDR content on your PS4.  As you’re probably aware, all PS4 consoles received an update to make every single console HDR enabled.  The current PSVR processor unit is not HDR enabled so you lose that ability when your HDMI is connected to the processor unit.  The updated model will be available in Japan on the 14th October 2017 with a western release to follow after.  As always, keep it locked to SkyGamers.co.za.