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Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has officially launched on Console

One of the biggest releases of the year, Destiny 2, is now officially out in the wild.  Which means you could probably skip work, grab your copy and give Garry the business end of your rifle.

Sorry PMR, this is for console gamers only.  For now, your turn is still coming.  As for you guys on console, Happy Destiny 2 Day!  You have my permission to skip work/school/responsibilities and spend the day with your other buddies doing the same thing.  And of cause getting some Destiny game time.  If you’ve pre-loaded the game, then it should be sitting on your drive by now just waiting for you to boot it up.  For those who didn’t digitally pre-order the game, either your copy is on your doorstep or you should probably dash off to your closest gaming store and grab it there.

I’m super excited about this release as you can tell.  You can bet we’ll be doing a full review of the game once we’ve had enough time to play every single nook and cranny of it.  Kinda why our reviews take so long to get out. (That and the fact we’re so small we don’t get review copies).  So enough yammering from me, I’ll leave you to your Cabal murdering spree now.  Happy Destiny Gaming!

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