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OG Xbox One goes out of production

Xbox One is dead, Long Live the Xbox One.  We bid farewell to the OG Xbox One console which Microsoft has officially stopped production.  Going forward it’s just the S and X models.

What started off as a rumor making the rounds has now been officially confirmed by Microsoft.  The launch edition, generation 1 XBO has been discontinued.  Sure we knew this was going to happen.  It happens all the time when the console makers release a cheaper to produce version.  In this case the S model.  It stops making much sense to keep making the bigger bulkier and more expensive units.  It originally launched on 22nd November 2013.  So going off production in 4 years seems historically correct.  My goodness, has it really been that long?

I still have the OG console and will be holding onto it until the release of the X.  Still, I’m going to miss the big fat bugger.  Plus, this totally confirms the death of Kinect.  Neither the S or X models have the port for the gesture controlled device.  Microsoft has let it die a quiet, painful death.  Such a shame.  The technology had so much potential.  But just like the first iteration, I don’t think they knew what to do with it.  In any case, we bid farewell to the awesome lumbering first gen unit.  All eyes look forward to the most powerful console ever made.