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For Honor Free Weekend

For Honor Free Weekend starts today

Ever wanted to give the Ubisoft Medieval fighting a try but didn’t want to commit your cash.  Great news for you!  For Honor Free Weekend starts today for all platforms.  Give it a bash.

After experiencing a bit of downward spiral of online players, Ubisoft is trying to rekindle interest in the Medieval fighting game.  After all, there are gamers out there who just didn’t have any interest in the game.  I being one of them.  Let me rephrase that.  I did have an interest in the game, but not enough to commit my few cents to purchasing one.  Enter the For Honor free weekend.  Starting today, you will get free access to the full game for the entire weekend until Sunday.  No restrictions.  This gives potential buys the opportunity to test it out and see if it’s worth parting with their hard earned cash.

In addition to the free weekend, the game also happens to be on half price sale.  So should you decide you really like the game, you can pick it up at a discounted rate.  You really don’t have much to lose.  Plus, all your saved data will come with you should you decide to make the purchase.  Ubisoft has done this sort of thing before and I think it’s always a great idea giving gamers a chance to sample a potential buy.  Interested?  Then head over to your platform of choice’s Store front and download the game.