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Ghost Recon Wildlands Trial

Ghost Recon Wildlands Trial is Live on XBO & PS4

Still on the fence about getting the latest Ghost Recon game?  This might change your mind, Ubisoft has dropped the Ghost Recon Wildlands Trial on PS4 and Xbox One.  Give it a spin, will you?

Ubisoft has done this sort of thing before.  I must say, I really like this method of trying before buying.  What the Ghost Recon Wildlands Trial is, basically you get 5 hours free reign on the game.  No restrictions whatsoever.  Pretty similar to last year’s Watch Dogs 2 Trial.  The best part is, you not only get access to the Single player campaign but full access to the online Co-op too.  Of cause, you will have to have the relevant PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscriptions in order to enjoy the online component.

I’ve had the chance to play some of the game during the Beta.  But for some reason, when it came out, I just didn’t seem interested anymore.  I’m gonna give the game another whirl with the trial in hopes of rekindling my want for the game.  I’m a huge Ghost Recon fan and still have the previous title, Ghost Recon Future Soldier on Xbox 360.  Let’s see if this 5 hours can convince me to drop some cash on this title.  So if like me you’re on the fence, it’s probably worth trying for you too.  What do you have to lose?