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EA Press Conference

E3 2017 – EA Press Conference Recap

E3 2017 has kicked off this weekend.  First on the presentation chopping block is the EA Press Conference.  We dive in and take a quick recap of every awesome that was shared.

After watching EA’s kick off of the E3 festivities, I must say I left pretty impressed.  EA did a great job with their presentation.  Sure most of the games that we showcased are the usual we’re all used to getting by now from EA.  However, the EA Press Conference did hide some gems that are totally worth a look when they eventually arrive.  We’re going to focus on just the highlights that we got to see on stage.

EA E3 2017 Presentation Highlights

Battlefield 1

The first highlight actually comes from last year.  Battlefield 1 has been an FPS force to be reckoned with.  And it seems, even almost a year later it’s still packing some serious heat.  EA showcased the upcoming expansion titled “In the name of the Tzar”.  What you’re going to get with this latest DLC release is 8 new maps, a collection of new World War I weapons and for the first time ever on Battlefield, women battalion.  The expansion releases in September 2017.


With every new year comes a new FIFA game.  We’re now heading to FIFA 18.  As is always the case with this mammoth soccer franchise, fans will get upgrades to visuals as well as the latest roster of players updated for the new year.  The most intriguing that was mentioned is the continuation of the journey mode.  Fans will continue the story of Alex Hunter as the story picks up where it left off in FIFA 17.  This is one to keep an eye on for all soccer fans.

Need for Speed payback

Need for Speed is back.  Now titled Need for Speed Payback, this iteration of the racing franchise seems to have taken a page out of The Fast and The Furious movie franchise.  Basically, the game has moved away from racing and more into action movie territory.  And it looks fantastic.  I’m absolutely sold.  The story mode will let you play 3 different characters.  You get an open world that is completely playable offline (Thank goodness).  You’ll get classic cars that you can restore and supe-up and awesome cinematic Highway Heist.  This is the Need for Speed we’ve been waiting for.

A Way Out

A brand new IP that features permanent co-op adventure game.  What makes this title really interesting is the studio’s desicion to make it a permanent split screen only affair. With added online co-op play if you can’t get your buddy next to you.  It’s unique and features exploration, driving and action.  This game has me all sorts of excited and will be keeping an eye on it until its early 2018 release.


Anthem is the new title from Bioware that was known all this time by codename Dylan.  EA decided to give a little teaser instead of a full reveal.  Fear not the full reveal is handled in Microsoft’s Xbox Presser.  So we’ll dive into this game in the Xbox Conference recap.  So stay tuned.

Star Wars Battlefront II

EA’s Shining star in this conference.  What I personally have been waiting for.  Star Wars Battlefront II.  DICE has gone out to fix absolutely everything that was wrong about the first game.  And boy does this game look gorgeous.  I’d go as far as to say the visuals may even trump those of the prequel trilogy today.  Players will get a return of the Skirmish Co-op mode both online and split screen.  You’ll also get all the content from all the eras and my personal favourite confirmation.  All expansions are free.  This title can’t come soon enough.

We’ll have plenty more of E3 to cover throughout the week.  So stay tuned to SkyGamers!