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PlayStation Slim Gold and Silver limited edition announced
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PlayStation Slim Gold and Silver limited edition announced

PlayStation Slim Gold and silver limited edition announced, for those gamers that like bling bling these two consoles are just the thing for you.

So with the reveal of two blingy new consoles that Sony will be releasing, this gives gamers a chance to grab some exclusive consoles that they can brag about.

The limited-edition gold PS4 bears a 1 TB hard drive so that’s an upgrade from the normal 500GB harddrive.  What’s great about this limited edition offer is that Sony is temporarily dropping the price of the regular PS4.

In case you were wondering the gold model will be available for $249 thats R3218,35 with the current exchange rate for Mzanzi and is set to go on sale from the 9th June until 17th June 2017.

Sony has requested consumers to check with your local retailer for details on availability and pricing on the limited edition consoles so that you are not disappointed if they are all sold out.

Check out the pics of the two consoles:

I still want the glacier white PS4 pro Sony…whats the hold up!?!, I’m sure more fans are waiting for that, come on Sony hear our cry!

Anyway drop us your comments on what you think of the consoles

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