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Free copies of Payday 2

Overkill giving away Free Copies of Payday 2

Nope, this is definitely not click bait!  You can totally get your free copies of Payday 2 on Steam while it lasts.  So hop inside my office and check out the details of this awesome giveaway.

In a surprise move from Overkill, the guys behind the Payday games, they’re giving away free copies of Payday 2 to fans.  If you haven’t played the game yet you should probably head over to Steam and add the game to your library, ASAP.  Because this is a limited time offer.  Also important to note that the giveaway is for the first 5 million copies.  In addition to that, Overkill has confirmed that this isn’t just some trial or limited access to the game.  Fans will be getting the full base game (excluding all the DLC).

But wait there’s more!  Your free copy of Payday 2 gives you access to the recently announced Payday VR.  However, you will need a VR headset to enjoy that mode of the game.  Seriously guys, don’t waste any time.  Go grab your free copy of this awesome Co-op, heist game.  You really don’t have anything to lose (well, except disk space and bandwidth but I’m being technical).  Happy Heisting!

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