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Prey release date

Prey release date gets announced in Gameplay trailer

Spoiler alert!  Prey release date has been announced in the awesome new gameplay trailer.  One of our anticipated games of 2017.  Hop inside and take a look.

And in case you are wondering what the spoiler is…The release date is literally staring at you in the featured image above.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out the trailer.  It does a fantastic job at getting you hyped for its release.  Just in case you did miss that date, Prey release date is 5th May 2017.  That’s smack bang in the second quarter of the year.  I’m officially hyped for this game.  This is the Half-Life sequel we’re never going to get.  It really has that vibe.  More so than the atmosphere the original Prey had.  You could just as easily replace Morgan with Gordan Freeman.  Wait-a-second!  This is Half-Life 3 in disguise!  Confirmed!  Half-Life 3 really is coming out in 2017.

Ok jokes aside.  Check out the gameplay trailer for Prey.  The game will be releasing on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.  Enjoy the trailer.

Prey Gameplay Trailer #2


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