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Compulsive Gamer Habits

Compulsive Gamer Habits

Its the weekend lets have some fun and see what compulsive gamer habits us gamers have when jamming games. Step inside drop your posts of things that either drive you insane, things you like doing or compulsive habits you can’t stop

We all have some gaming habits that we can’t seem to kick or some aspects of gaming that annoys the living daylights out of us

Since its the start of the weekend  lets kick it off with a laugh and see what yours are

Who knows you might not be the only one out suffering from the same syndrome

Let me get the ball rolling and put down some of the habits I have when playing multiplayer and single player campaigns


When in a fire team the first thing I normally do is to shoot at my buddies head to see if friendly fire is enabled

Fire one shot then cycle through ALL my weapons and reload them

Save my power up and not use it even though I’m about to die, I rather die with my power up and save it for later

When playing COD or counter strike and I get shot by someone that has the same gun and same level as me, I tend to quit cause I think it’s unfair as why is that gun (which is the same) more powerful than mine?

If I get stuck in any game for more than 15mins trying to find where to go or where to drop an item, that’s it! the game comes out and I move onto the next one

Most guys suffer from reloading I suffer from jumping…its annoying cause there is no need to jump, yet I find myself jumping all over the place

Join in the fun and drop your habits below….ITS THE WEEKEND BABBBBYYYYYY