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Reader Review: Pokemon Go

Presenting our first-ever Reader Review.  This brand new column has you guys sending in your review of a game you have played.  To kick this off, one of our readers sent us the review for Pokemon Go.  Jump inside and have a read.

Our brand new Reader Review will give you, our fans, a chance to write a review about a game you played.  We’ll pick out the one we like the most and publish it right here on SkyGamers.  So sit back, kick off a load and enjoy one of our awesome reader’s review of the recently released Pokemon augmented reality game for iOS and Android devices. Enjoy!

Written by UberCarrot

Pokemon Go Review

Pokemon Go! Go! Go!

Grab your cap, say goodbye to your mom and hang onto your (Poke)balls! The game every Pokemon fan has been waiting for is here. Pokemon go has released in select markets, but with a bit of trickery (Apple users can create AUS or NZ accounts, Droid users can download the APK), you too can start your Pokemon journey today.

Needless to say, those concept videos of the game you saw on YouTube were a bit of an exaggeration. The game does not look that cool, but a true fan who grew up playing Pokemon Blue/Red has no need for fancy graphics. It’s about the hunt for Pokemon. The moment after I installed it (and having created my character), I was running through the dusky roads of my neighbourhood. I was on the hunt for Pokemon! I must have looked a bit of a fool. A grown man stalking down the roads, phone pointed ahead, getting randomly excited and cheering every new catch.

[Disclaimer: not actual writer's images]
[Disclaimer: not actual writer’s images, for demonstration purpose]
The good news is that South Africa is fully ready for the game. There are many Pokemon Gyms to claim and PokeStops (places you can get more items, like PokeBalls) all over. I have even seen many of those gyms already claimed. The gameplay is also pretty straight forward. Walk around, see Pokemon on the phone, tap on it, throw Pokeball. (Then you have that age-old tension of watching it wobble three times and hoping the Pokemon stays caught.)

Next up is the manual labour. You have to walk and walk to get the Pokemon that randomly jump out at you. On the bright side, lots of exercise for technically playing one of your favourite video games. My unfit frame was dashing all over and I barely felt it.


For the aspiring Pokemon Go! Trainer, I would suggest a few things. One is to have a good data bundle on your account. You will be using a lot of data as the system navigates with (and is basically built on) Google Maps. Two is to maybe invest in one of those power banks to keep your phone alive for those crucial catches. Three would be getting a comfortable pair of walking shoes.

Now I must be off again. I think some 9-year-old is attacking my Gym. Enjoy your Pokemon adventure! (Remember to look up from your phone every now and then. There are cars coming now and then.)

There you have it, folks.  Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we did.  We’d like to give a special shout out and thanks to our avid reader UberCarrot.  Loved the article buddy!

If any of you would like to see you review published, send it to our email addy at info@skygamers.co.za.  We’ll go through all we’ve received and grab our pick of the bunch to publish and you’ll see it on next month’s Reader Review.  So start sending now, really we’re waiting.  Happy Gaming!