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Street Fighter V Review

Is this really the best street fighter? Its predecessor set a pretty high bar in the genre that all others seem to follow. Will this new entry in the series raise that bar once more?

I’m afraid not.  Look, I’m as big a Street Fighter fan as the next person, but I’m sorry…This is not THE Street Fighter to end all street fighters.  The gameplay is perfect, truly nothing short of exquisite.  You have never played a fighting game more responsive, more fluid and with such ease for new comers to pick up and enjoy, while giving veterans incredible depth in the fight mechanics.


So why am I knocking this game so much if I’m just singing its praises? Well it gets better, before it gets worse.  The visuals are without a doubt, best in class.  No really its like you are literally viewing an oil painting that’s in constant fluid motion.  It’s a thing of absolute beauty.  At a steady 60 frames per second, that never drops a beat.  This is just an obscene feast for the eyes.  Our golden favourites make a return with a collection of new comers.  And it is balanced to a T.  No one character ever feels overpowered.  Each with their own strengths and weaknesses for a master player to exploit.  V-Gauge and EX Gauge, provide a new layer of strategy and depth to the franchise that all players can enjoy. V-Trigger activates unique abilities that use the entire V-Gauge, giving players the opportunity to inflict damage when activated.

Choose your fighter!
Choose your fighter!

I know, I know…I’m still praising this damn thing, so why do I sound so negative at the beginning of this review.  Well that’s because it’s the fact that the game is so monumentally good, that it boggles the mind why Capcom dropped the ball so hard.  For starters, the game puts a massive emphasis on online play as a means to get some in-game currency to purchase characters and outfits.  But the online functionality didn’t work out the box.  And it only gets worse, there’s practically no single player mode beyond a so-called story mode that features 4 single round fights for each of the characters and then that’s it…your done!  You literally complete a character’s story mode in about 10 minutes tops.  The game is seriously lacking in content that you get from every other fighting game straight out the box.  Now Capcom has issued a statement to say that they are releasing a more fleshed out single player story mode and some additional content.

Hair clippers anyone? Anyone??
Hair clippers anyone? Anyone??

I’m sorry to say, for such a fantastic game to be launched so half assed is a tragedy to all the fans that bought this game day one.  If you have yet to purchase the game, do yourself a favour, wait for the inevitable ULTIMATE Edition.  You will not only get all the content that’s still yet to come, but you’ll also save yourself paying R899 for an extended demo, cause chances are it’ll probably cost a hell of a lot less.  Great game, disappointing package.


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