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Xbox One X Retail units

Finally Xbox One X Retail units hits South Africa

Well, it’s about damn time!  If you are a South African gamer who’s been waiting patiently for the supercharged console from Microsoft.  I have some pretty damn good news for you.  Xbox One X retail units have finally arrived on our shores.  Step into my showroom.

A little while back, around January 2018, I wrote a rather angry article about how I couldn’t get my hands on the Xbox One X over Christmas.  In fact, I blatantly accused Microsoft and Prima Interactive (the South African distributor of Xbox) for not taking our market seriously and sending fewer consoles than they expected to sell.  I stand by my words there.  Seriously, A lot of has had Christmas bonus ready to be blown on an Xbox One X console, that on 22 December, when the console was supposed to launch, never made it to retails shelves.  Finally, after 5 months of delays, Xbox One X retail units have finally arrived in South Africa.  Well sort of.

You see, the new official date has been set to 19th May 2018.  However, drips and drabs of these consoles have been found in the wild as early as this week.  I myself am one of those who was lucky enough to get my hands on a retail Xbox One X.  This is truly the first time in the decades that I have been gaming where an eagerly awaited console never actually makes it to shelves.  In my opinion, a 5-month delay is completely unacceptable.  But there is a silver lining to this debacle.  Even with the 15% tax that was recently increased in South Africa.  Th console ended up selling at a much lower price than it was if released last year December.

The price was set to be R7999-00 and you can currently get yourself an Xbox One X console, 1-month free GamePass subscription, and 3-months Xbox Live Gold.  All for a low price of R7799-00.  I can’t argue with the awesome value you get out of this bundle.  You basically get an instant game collection to try out your awesome new console with.  At least for one month.  Still, worth it in my book.  Though I’m very relieved to finally own the One X after selling my OG Xbox One last year, I can’t help but feel Microsoft should stop underestimating the demand that exists in this tiny third world country of ours.  You’ll be surprised just how many ZA gamers could and want to get their hands on these high-end consoles.  Hopefully, this is a mistake that will never get repeated again.  Here’s looking at you Xbox Next!

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