Why was there No Xbox One X on Store Shelves??

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No Xbox One X on store shelves

Why was there No Xbox One X on Store Shelves??

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Hope all you guys had a blessed Holiday Season.  And to kick off the new year, I start with a curious question. Why is there no Xbox One X on Store shelves?  Read on and share in my frustration.

So it’s a new year and everyone is now back to their normal day to day grind with bright eyes and bushy tail hope for what lies ahead.  The team had a nice long holiday to recharge and kick off this year firing on all cylinders.  However, a very curious thing happened over the holiday season.  You see, in South Africa, the Xbox One X launched officially on 22nd December 2017.  Yet when that date rolled by, there were no Xbox One X on Store Shelves.

Now here’s the thing.  After scouring the internet for some clues on what was happening it turned out quite a few of you who pre-ordered the consoles months in advance actually did have it delivered launch day.  Bang on time.  However,  some of the folks who did want to get their hands on a console, but didn’t have the pre-order cash at the time were left in the dust.  I found it so curious that I actually started making phones calls all over retail stores in Gauteng and ditto.  Not a single console was purchasable on the holiday season from the store shelves.

Could this be pegged on poor planning from the supplier side?  Afterall, they set the release date for a day where they themselves had already shut down for the year.  Which means no one was there to handle the logistics of delivery of consoles to retailers.  Instead, all consoles not pre-ordered will be available in mid to end February.  I’m shocked at how poorly this was planned.  Surely they knew how much consumers were excited about the product.  Surely there should’ve been some consoles at major retailers.

On the other side of the coin, perhaps it’s Microsoft themselves to blame.  Perhaps, they just didn’t see South Africa as a big enough market to allocate enough consoles to the region.  With just a few made available for pre-order being snatched, the supplier now waiting for its next allocation.  If that’s the case, then Microsoft should really look into supporting more of its smaller territories.  It’s a huge disappointment for fans.  This is the first time in my gaming life that a major console release happened without the console itself coming to the party.  #3rdworldProblems.

Did any of you guys get lucky buying an Xbox One X over the counter this holiday season?  Or did you struck out like the rest of us?  Share your experience with us in the comments section below.  As always, keep coming back to SkyGamers.co.za.

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