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Battlefield V Chapter 4

EA Play – Battlefield V Chapter 4 Details

DICE continues delivering more content for their landmark franchise Battlefield V. Today, they drop details for Battlefield V Chapter 4. Check it out.

Battlefield V might have started out a little rought. With gamers feeling a little cheated with the lack of content and how buggy the game was when it launched. However, DICE continued to listen to feedback and continue hammering away at the game to improve it with new maps, weapons, vehicles and more. That support trend continues with Battlefield V Chapter 4. This chapter will see a tonne of new content being dropped for fans.

Players will get a total of 4 new Maps through the course of Chapter 4. As well as the Level cap being raised from the current LVL 50 up to an astronomical LVL 500. Player will get coin drops and Dog tags and other content with every milestone reached on your climb to Level 500. So it’s going to take a heck of a lot of grinding to get that high. With no further ado, check out the Battlefield V Chapter 4 trailer. Enjoy!