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Apex Legends Season 2

EA Play – Apex Legends Season 2 details blowout

EA Play Continues with the focus streams. The focus of their second stream is Apex Legends Season 2 and it’s looking pretty awesome.

We here at SkyGamers are huge fans of Apex Legends. So you can imagine our excitement at the details being dropped for Apex Legends Season 2. What the team has put together is for Season 2 should please all the fans. First up, players will get a tonne of new loot to unlock as you level up in the game. Season 2 will introduce a new battle pass as well as new Gold OP weapon from the Titan Fall universe.

One more thing, Apex Legends introduces its newest Legend to join in the fight. Wattson is a new Legend who will bring new tower defence style mechanics. She’ll be able to create Lazer wall as well as Lasers towers that can zap Orbital strikes from the likes of Gabraltor and Bangalore. A very interested character we can’t wait to get our hands on. Check out the Season 2 trailer below. Enjoy!