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E3 2019 Schedule

We got the E3 2019 Schedule

Oh yes! it’s about that time of the year again. When all gamers around the world unit in excitement. Check out the E3 2019 Schedule to get you hyped.

If you are a gamer, there’s no doubt you’ll be keeping both eyes on every screen that’s beaming information from E3 directly into your brain. It’s about the most exciting time of the gaming calendar. Sure Sony has dominated E3 in previous years, but this year, they’ve completed dropped out. Giving other Press Event holders a chance at Gaming Super Stardom. With that being said, we have the E3 2019 Schedule for all the major Press Events. So you might want to bookmark this page for double checking all the details.

E3 2019 Conference Date (UK)UK time (BST)EU time (CEST)East Coast US time (EDT)West Coast US time (PDT)
MicrosoftSunday, June 921:0022:0016:0013:00
BethesdaMonday, June 1001:3002:3020:3017:30
PC Gaming Show Monday, June 1018:0019:0013:0010:00
Ubisoft Monday, June 10th21:0022:0016:0013:00
Tuesday, June 1102:0003:0021:0018:00
NintendoTuesday, June 1117:0018:0010:0009:00

With Sony leaving a massive gap to fill there’s still tons of info overload that will no doubt come out of the PlayStation camp even though they won’t be hosting a proper conference. EA, on the other hand, will be hosting their own EA Play event with plenty of their own streams for all things EA. No more loot boxes, please!

But the one everyone is hyped about more than any other stage show is Microsoft. We all know they’re working on the Next-Gen Xbox consoles. So this is the perfect time to blow everyone’s mind away with not just reveal, but hopefully, some Next-Gen games to show off just what these upcoming consoles can do. Sunday just can’t arrive soon enough. Expect us to cover highlights of the streamed events. As always, keep it locked to SkyGamers for all your favourite E3 gaming news. Happy E3-2019-Gaming!