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Wolfenstein Cyberpilot

Wolfenstein Cyberpilot for PSVR dropping Soon

In a surprise reveal, Wolfenstein Cyberpilot will be getting a PlayStation VR & Steam VR release very soon. Giving fans of the franchise its first ever VR spin-off.

Wolfenstein Cyberpilot takes place in Paris 1980. The player takes the role of a hacker who is on a mission to help the French resistance take the fight straight to the Nazi regime. How will a hacker be useful in the brutal world of Wolfenstein against armoured Nazi war machines? Easy, peasy, barely an inconvenience.

With the help of the Nazi’s own powerful machines of war. We’re talking those mechanised fire breathing dog-things. Giant armoured Mechs. All with the single objective to tear the Nazis a new one. The game will have PS Move motion control support for the PlayStation. Motion controls are also supported on the PC version for Steam VR. This will serve as a fun little arcade-like shooter for VR to keep you busy while you wait for the upcoming Wolfenstein Young Blood. Sequel to The New Colossus.

It’s always great seeing PSVR getting so much love from Sony with numerous releases for the platform. Sure it’s not a platform exclusive, but any reason to strap into my headset and have some fun is always welcome. Sony is leaning very hard into VR as a gaming platform and that makes me very happy. Watch this space for PSVR 2.0.

Wolfenstein Cyberpilot will be releasing on the 26th July 2019 on PS4 for PSVR and for Steam VR for PC gamers.