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Free Resident Evil 2 DLC

Free Resident Evil 2 DLC to drop soon

The Phenomenal survival horror remake gets a welcome surprise. Capcom will be releasing Free Resident Evil 2 DLC that brings an interesting twist to the game.

The internet has spoken. Resident Evil 2 (Remake) is a resounding hit. Reviewers and fans alike are absolutely loving this release. We haven’t gotten our hands on the game yet but make no mistake, we absolutely will be playing this gem very soon. To add even more greatness to this already brilliant game. Capcom is releasing Free Resident Evil 2 DLC very soon. Are you seeing this EA, Single player, successful video game with Free DLC to boot? Take notes for crying out loud.

The DLC is titled The Ghost Survivors and does something rather interesting to the core formula. Players will be getting 3 new characters to play as. Each character has their own chapter to go through. However, the twist comes in the form that the zombie placements are now randomised with each play-through. Which adds another layer to the tense job of trying to survive. In the main game, it’s completely scripted. The randomization means every play through is pant staining.

The Ghost Survivors will be dropping on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on the 15th February 2019. Stay tuned to SkyGamers for more Resident Evil 2 news. Happy Horror-Surviving-Gaming!