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nVidia FreeSync support

nVidia FreeSync support is officially now a thing

Something PC Gamers never saw coming has now officially become a reality. nVidia FreeSync support has been activated in a driver update.

So first things first. Quick history on why this is such a big deal. Before the nVidia FreeSync support driver, gamers who used GTX/RTX cards from nVidia were forced to purchase the more expensive G-Sync monitors in order to take advantage of adaptive sync technology in monitors. What is adaptive sync you ask? Let’s try to explain this without going full nerd.

Long story made extremely short, and forgive me if I over simplify the technology a bit. Adaptive sync technology basically changes the refresh rate of a monitor on the fly. This keeps it in sync with the frame rates being chucked out by the GPU. This eliminates screen tearing that happens when the monitor refreshes at a different rate to the images spit out by the GPU. nVidia graphic cards, historically only supported their proprietary technology called G-Sync. G-Sync had a nVidia devloped chip that is required in supported Monitors which drove the price of these monitors way up.

In comparison, AMD supported the free standard called FreeSync. These monitors, though have more or less the same kind of technology, were much cheaper in pricing as they didn’t have the custom chip inside them. Therein lies the shock of this news. The laters nVidia drivers now allow their GPU’s to support FreeSync monitors too. Which means that nVidia gamers don’t have to spend more money on G-Sync enabled monitors to get the functionality. Just get yourself a cheaper FreeSync one and you’re good to go.

This is truly exciting news with some rather massive ramifications. Previously when deciding to purchase a GPU you would also take into account that you have to spend more on nVidia side. Not just for the GPU but for the more expensive monitor as well. That all changes with this update, making RTX cards of today, an improved value proposition. So what do you guys think of this news? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. As always, keep coming back to SkyGamers. Happy Free-Sync-Gaming!

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