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Blizzard cans HGC

Blizzards have announced that is canceling Heroes of the storm competitive league dubbed Heroes Global Championship. This caused a massive uproar with players of the league as well as organizers of the tournaments. Some players have colourful words to say about this breaking news. This news affects a lot of people involved and we feel that is a shame.   

Remember that these players have been playing together as a team for months. All that time and effort seems to be wasted. The Crucible which is held twice a year brings the best teams to duke it out. Read below comments of on of Hearos of the storm couch – “It’s absolute bullshit,” said Tempo Storm HotScoach Kala stated in a video. It’s so awful. There’s so many teams and players that have put their heart and soul into this game and have developed livelihoods around this game—I mean, myself included, but not even talking about the teams that have worked their ass off all fucking year to beat teams out in Crucible to have their opportunity to play in the HGC, pick up new fucking sponsors, and now all of a sudden everything just gets pulled out from underneath them?”

There is still a lot of smoke in the air as no one is really giving he answers everyone wants. Some speculate that it could be a cost-cutting exercise. It is clear that 2019 has started with heartache. We really feel for the players. If I think of myself if a game, I love stops having season plays will break my heart and will kill the relationship with the game and the gaming house. There are also makes me think what other leagues are in jeopardy. Time will tell. Keep it real and remember “never stop bashing those buttons

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