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Battlefield V Free DLC

Oh crap Battlefield V Free DLC is Delayed

Once again we become the bearer of bad news.  It’s been announced that Battlefield V Free DLC has been delayed.  Sorry guys, details inside.

I have started playing Battlefield V very recently.  I must say as a bit Battlefield fan it has a few glaring issues.  It hasn’t received much love from the gaming community due to its currently buggy state.  Not to mention the huge lack of content that shipped with the game day 1.  So everyone was pretty excited about the Tides of War expansions.  Sadly, you going to have to wait a tad bit longer as DICE has announced that the Battlefield V Free DLC has been delayed.

The first chapter titled Overture was initially scheduled to release on the 6th December.  So this last minute delayed came out of nowhere.  Turns out the team at DICE found a technical issue with the update that forced them to delay it.  It’s a great idea considering how buggy the game currently is.  It’s unclear just how long it will be delayed for, except the team did state that it shouldn’t be a lengthy delay.  So fingers crossed this gets resolved rather speedily.

The DLC will come packaged with new Maps, a brand new War Story Chapter called ‘The Last Tiger’.  You’ll get a ton of customization options and Tank battles mode.  I’m looking forward to this DLC’s release as I’m dying for some new content in the game.  War Stories is absolutely brilliant, and the Multiplayer needs some serious bug fixing but still holds a special place in my heart thanks to the “Only on Battlefield” experience.  Stay tuned to SkyGamers for more info on the status of this update.

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