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Epic Games launching store in 2019.

Epic games are busy setting up their own store. There are some rivals playing in this space namely “steam” let see what to expect.

If you do not know Epic games is responsible for titles like Fortnite. Their business plan involves launching their own store and changing the revenue split. Steam ration is currently at around 30 and 70 split. This means that steam takes 30 % of the cash and the developers get 70 %. Epic games are willing to shrink that margin to 88% and 12% which is a huge cut. Note that some games still require an upfront license fee.

Epic games said that they would waive it if it was using the Unreal engine. Epic feels that the gaming studios should take the bulk of the share. The store and platform are there to assist to get the pricing right. We are of the opinion that in the not too distant feature everything will be available in some kind of online space. More stores of this nature will compete against each other. Keep it real and remember “never stop bashing those buttons”.

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