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Destiny 2 update changes.

Destiny 2 patch comes just in time before “ The Black Armory “ is launched. The patch version 2.1.0 is out now but let’s see what has been changes in this version.

This patch has fixed nerfs and buffs and will address the other issues on the 4 December 2018.  Firs ton the list is the suppers. As an example Spectral blades received buffs to duration, attack speed and accuracy. Titan super burning maul and thunder crash were buffed in the way of users not getting motion sickness, strange.

Exotics are next on the list. Ursa Furiosa ( titan arms ) have tweaked the gain from guarding is more of levelling the playing field. In player versus player this ability felt over powered. The reload on Lunafaction boots applies more than the standard 15 seconds but now for the full duration of well of radiance.

Other exotic nerfs are for perk memento mori from are for Aces of spades. The bullet count was reduced, but allows you to make changes without waiting the bullets at hand. To prepare for “the black armory” release heavy gun medals and triumphs are found in the crucible. For all the informational stuff read the link https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/47462

One wonderful news is that they have focused on the destination and activity times have greatly been reduces for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. They are still working on the inventory load times but you cannot have all the treats in one day. In less than a week we will bring you an update on Destiny 2 “ The Black Armory “. Keep it real and remember “never stop bashing those buttons”.

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