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Battle field Gothic Armada 2 – True Space wars.

There are some not a lot of games in the genre of space combat. This game overs lots of choices and crisp graphics taking the series higher than before.

Let’s start with the basics. The can select your armada from 12 factions in the game and deploy your fleet. As you know from watching sci-fi movies space is not empty at all. You need to get the lay of the land. There are capture points, minefields, drifting wreckages and gas clouds are just some of the thing you will encounter out here.

You will notice that enemy ships appear as blips on your radar. You will not know the size or fleet composition. Your probes and scout fighter are key to find out what you are up against. Each faction utilizes stealth in their own way. Some make use of the environment, others have advanced technologies and some are shrouded in mystery. Movement is key in this game to make sure you are victorious.

I like the fact that each faction has its own playstyle to harness the best from their armada. This game combines various elements that you need to master to be victorious. This includes fleet selection, ship upgrades, admiral skills, and strategy. Some factions use gorilla military tactics. Others fire from afar. Then there are the ones that deal immense damage at close range with bioweapons and heavy lasers.

Tractor beams and warp drives along with each faction’s specific weaponry is crucial to get close to your enemy.

Your other weapon comes in the form of your ship. You can use your ship to ram and finished someone off a smaller ship. Yes, just like in star trek but one difference is that you do not die. The devastating broadsides begin January 2019. Keep it real and remember “never stop bashing those buttons”.

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