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Batman Arkham Collection

Batman Arkham Collection does a stealth launch

This release has dropped in from the shadows with no word at all.  But, it is absolutely real.  Batman Arkham Collection is now available on Xbox One.

As of today, Xbox One gamers can get their hands on the Batman Arkham Collection game.  This is about the stealthiest launch of a major bundle game collection to date.  In most cases, publishers will spend quite some time and money marketing the release of the upcoming bundle.  That didn’t happen with this game.  There were unconfirmed murmurs, then nothing, then bam, Major Nelson drops the news on his blog.  And “Everyone loses their minds!”

What you get out of this bundle is all 3 Rocksteady games, Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham City and Batman Arkham Knight.  This bundle also include every released DLC for all games.  To top the great news off, the game collection is listed as being fully remastered with updated visuals and being Xbox One X Enhanced.  It’s not clear whether this means the games will get Native 4K support.  This is without a doubt the definite Batman collection worth owning.

But it comes with a massive caveat.  This is a full $60-00 release (A whopping R929-00 in South Africa).  For game collection where the latest instalment was released in 2015, I’m not sure gamers will be happy to spend that much for them.  Sure you get a crap ton of DLC included but I would be happier with this being a $30-00 release.  I can’t say I’m not tempted at the option of having my favourite game franchise all in one neat package.  No word on a PlayStation 4 release at the time of writing.  But that’s pretty much a given.

Pity WB once again left the underrated Arkham Origins out of this collection as well.  That instalment just can’t catch a break, can it?  How about a backwards compatibility version with a 4K enhancement.  I still have my Xbox 360 copy.  Make it happen Microsoft!

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