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Red Dead Redemption Online Beta

Red Dead Redemption Online Beta arrives tomorrow

Prepare yourself, it has just gotten officially real.  Red Dead Redemption Online Beta will be arriving tomorrow as announced by Rockstar.  S$*& got Real!

Before you get too excited over this news, let me bring you down to earth real quick.  Rockstar Games has officially announced that the Red Dead Redemption Online Beta will be arriving tomorrow.  But just before you completely lose your mind, there are some details that need to be fleshed out before we go anywhere with this.  But yeah, tomorrow, so get hyped!

That being said, not everyone will get their hands on the beta tomorrow.  Sadly, that is only for players of the Ultimate Edition of the game that will be getting the Beta tomorrow.  Rockstar has decided to roll out the beta gradually over the course of this week.  Those who started playing the game on launch day, according to Rockstar’s own data, will possibly get access to the Beta as of the 28th.  This entire rollout process will complete by the 30th November.

At the time of writing, there’s still no confirmation on when the full Online component will be live for all gamers.  Stay tuned to SkyGamers and we’ll give you all the info as we get it.  And yes, we absolutely busy reviewing the game.  So the review will be coming too, in due time.  It’s a huge game okay, it’s going to take some time to go through every facet of it.  That being said, keep coming back to SkyGamers.co.za

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