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NVIDIA price still low, thanks to Crypto crash.

Not so long-ago Bit coin was the latest graze to make a quick buck. The people that made the most money were the miners, but needed equipment, enter NVIDIA but now what?

In September 2017 Bitcoin’s value dropped b monstrous proportions. Bitcoin was the only crypto currency took a nose dive. Ethereum has similar crashes but because of the value it did not seem that prevalent. So, you are asking what is the connection with NVIDIA? Well this brings us to the main point.

There was a time that you could not get a NVIDIA card because there was no stock. This obviously impacted the price due to the demand. To give you an idea in South Africa in the beginning a crypto rig cost around R 16 000. Then the Bitcoin bubble started to grow and the price increased to around R 60 000 for the same setup. This did not only affect the Crypto miners but also pushed the price up in the computer industry.

As a PC gamer this really peeved me off. I suppose business is business and NVIDIA took advantage of this need n the market. This brings me to the bad news. With the supply no longer needed NVIDIA find itself with stock that is not selling as per the forecast. The stock has not recovered from continued slump. I am sure the tide will turn and they will bounce back. For the time I will keep an eye out for nice specials. Keep it real and remember “never stop bashing those buttons”.