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Warhammer 2’s Curse Of The Vampire Coast DLC

Total War Warhammer 2 was a great sequel launched back in 2016. With Warhammer 2’s Curse Of The Vampire Coast DLC things are getter spine-chilling aarrgghhhhh.

If you are not familiar with this series this is a turn-based game with real-time strategy. In the campaign mode, you will engage with AI on the map. Custom battles are also available along with multiplayer games.

New with this DLC is four legendary pirate lords to decimate and plunder. Let’s meet them.

  • Luthor Harkon – We’ve focused on the mad Arch Grand Commodore of the Vampire Coast in our preview. Harkon has penalties against the nearby Lizardmen. His mind is also fractured and repairing it via quests will allow him to cast spells from the Lore of the Deeps.
  • Count Noctilus – The lord of Galleon’s Grave is a character from Games Workshop’s spinoff boardgame/tabletop aptly named Dreadfleet. Noctilus’ playthrough is slightly easier than Harkon’s and that’s because of his starting units — Depth Guard troops and a Necrofex Colossus. Noctilus also has random events that require you to declare war on a faction, conferring rewards.
  • Aranessa Saltspite – Aranessa is a mortal pirate queen, but don’t let that fool you. She can still raise the dead just like the other “vampirates.” Her playthrough is also fairly easy given her bonus perks to raiding, sacking settlements, and finding treasure. Her Vortex playthrough has her start just south of Ulthuan. Meanwhile, her Mortal Empires playthrough has her start near Tilea.
  • Cylostra Direfin – An original Legendary Lord crafted solely for Total War: Warhammer 2, Cylostra is a spellcaster of extraordinary talent. Playing her can be a bit of a challenge since she’s situated far off to the west in inhospitable Naggaroth. Still, the damned spirits of Bretonnian Paladins might be able to help her out.

Note to be outdone you get a free Legendary lord below.

Lokhir Fellheart – The Krakenlord is one of the most terrifying seafarers in the Warhammer world. He ravages the coast to bring new riches and slaves for the Dark Elves. Fellheart focuses on Black Arks, gargantuan floating fortresses, as he’s able to summon one for every major port he captures. His skills also focus on buffing Black Ark Corsairs and the Kharibdyss monster. He starts off just south of Harkon’s position in Lustria

This should keep things fresh and entertaining for the pirates out there. Keep it real and remember “never stop bashing those buttons”.

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