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Football Manager 2019 is it any good?

I am not fan of FIFA but something about managing a team intrigues me. With the latest incarnation does it have the fresh legs to go the distance, let find out.

Let talk about the elephant in the room, I support Liverpool. Yes, we took a beating this weekend but you never walk alone. There is not a big list of changes, but rather a simplified version for new players. If you have ever played past versions of the game you know that there is a lot to do, as it should be you are responsible for everything. There is nice tweak to the user interface that makes it vibrant and interesting.

You can spend hours finding new players, Setting up your play style similar to the play styles of the top teams. Be warned though that this is an intimidating game and requires your focus and time, lots of time. Tow main changes are found in the tactics screen. This is there the play style comes into play as well as the selecting the right players for the right position. Make a mistake and see your team giving away possession for no reason.

After each match you need to analyze the stats and check to see if you made the right decision and where you can improve. You can select a mentor to cough younger players. Training regimes need to be setup as well as game plays like American football. Make sure you listen and read all the help provides and this will be invaluable in the long end.

I encourage you to pick up this title as it is easier to play than ever, look for it this black Friday and delve into the depths of Football at the top level. Veterans and Noobs alike that are new to the franchise will be happy with parting with their money. Keep it real and remember “never stop bashing those buttons”

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