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What is in the News Part 2

Let continue with the news where we left off and see what is strange in the gaming world and then some peeps, let’s dive in and see what is up.

If you live in Saudi Arabia I feel your pain. Just like countries like Australia, they are by nature called nanny states as they regulate what goes in their borders. Saudi have banned close to 47 games already. The list includes Grand Theft Auto V, Assassins Creed 2 and Witcher. There was no specific reason given for this but we think it might be due to false reports that violent games make violent games. If your child cannot distinguish what is real and not real in the form of a game then you have bigger problems. What about the creeps staking online and the bombardment of fake news.


Virtual reality and AI are part of our life as we know it. Star Trek has given us a glimpse into what is possible. When people hear VR they automatically think gaming. There are so many other uses for it. You can train people in medicine without the possibility of death. Children can learn a variety a new skill. Think of something simple like crossing the street or something more complex like scientific discoveries. AI helps to solve patterns and do calculations that would take a human year to complete.

It helps us to communicate in the form of google translation. Google AI designed a sort of middle language that translates English to Chinese. Gaming VR graphics are nowhere close to PS ultra-real settings. Like all new things, it will take time, as it evolves we cannot wait to see how VR will keep us glued to a TV screen or something else. Keep it real and remember “never stop bashing those buttons”

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