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What is in the News Part 1

As the clock runs out in 2018 and the holiday season is upon us lets look at what headlines are making the rounds in the gaming industry news.

First up Hitman 2 news. I never played the first game and that might be a huge oversight from my side. At Comicon Africa 2018 I got my hands on the demo. It is a different pace of the kind of games that usually play but it intrigued me. The tools at your disposal as Agent 47 is incredible. With the new intense details, it feels like the world is alive. There are so many options for you to make your kill that some players without imagination will never discover them. With the standalone Sniper assassin mode, it is nice to have co-op in the game for the first time. Hitman drops 13 November 2018 which is just two weeks away so get your pre-order in while you can.

More and more people are irate about services in games. This can be microtransactions or loot boxes. I have a real hate for loot boxes especially if it is to get better guns or perks as this is an unfair advantage to noobs in the game. I also do not agree that one must pay for cosmetics like outfits and certain decals for guns or decals in a variety of forms. The gaming industry can learn a thing or two from games like GT sport on PS4. It received a lot of backlashes when we learn that the game would be online and the campaign as we know it was no more.

There was also a worry about the number of cars and tracks available compared to competitors like Forza 7. But true to the word we have received updates in the form of new tracks, new cars, new races, new locations to do photo shoots. The best thing about is, it is for FREE. Keep it real and remember “never stop bashing those buttons”

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