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B2 added to Soul Calibur VI

Neir Automata’s B2 added to Soul Calibur VI Roster

The Android from Nier Automata enters the arena as B2 added to Soul Calibur VI Roster.  She’s looking as good as ever and ready to kick some serious butt.

The robotic badass from the critically acclaimed action game Nier Automata has made an unexpected entrance into the beat ’em up game Soul Calibur.  That’s right folks, B2 added to Could Calibur VI Roster and it is absolutely glorious.  If you’ve played Nier Automata before than you’ll know just what a bonified Badass B2 is.  If you haven’t, well for starters you are doing yourself a massive disservice.  Secondly, go play the game and get back to me.

Now that we have that out of the way, Namco Bandai has yet to confirm exactly when the character will be added to the game.  It’s only been confirmed that she indeed will join the other characters.  It’s also unclear if other characters will be included in the same DLC that B2 will be in or if we’ll be getting B2 on her own.  Either way, Soul Calibur is getting one heck of a new addition.  We can’t wait to see how she performs in the game.  As always, keep coming back to SkyGamers for more of your favourite gaming news.

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