Battlefield 5 is coming … are you ready

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Battlefield 5 is coming … are you ready

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Battlefield 5 has been delayed slightly but for a good cause. When the game comes out it will be polishes, is your guns loaded and your eye on the prize

Battlefield 5 takes place during world war 2. Expect a solid single-player campaign. Enormous multiplayer maps filled with no stop action. A “ battle royal “ mode dubbed Firestorm.  It seems that there are a couple of games that are overlapping. Call of duty has also done a world war-themed game. Other games also have some kind of battle royal mode like call of duty black ops 4. In my opinion Battlefield 1 an amazing game and the fifth instalment will thrill even more.

I am thrilled the co-op is back since battlefield 3. Like a band of brothers, you are able to co-op with four players to tackle the missions. Talking of missions, you can be sure that you will have to put your thinking cap on as resources will be hard to come by. From a multiplayer aspect, there will be enough modes to entice you. Some might not know but Battlefield is not like other shooters with unlimited bullets, perks and add-ons. You will have limited bullets to fill your foe, medics can revive players.

You will pick your soldier, customize things like gender, face paint clothes and so on as you unlock them via the progress. There are a lot of changes in this game. Things like the toolbox, with this you are able to restore things like a blow-up house to a fortified location. You can create fortifications in the form of sandbags, trenches and razor wire. While everyone can build things, the builder class is best suited for that. Things like anti-aircraft guns are no longer a fixed but can be moved around in the battlefield. There are just so many things going on in this game that you have to experience it yourself. Keep it real and remember “never stop bashing those buttons”

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