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Fortnite 1440p Update

Fortnite 1440p Update for PS4 Pro Players

PS4 Pro players are in for a real treat.  By now, you will have a new Fortnite 1440p Update downloaded to your console.  So fire up your 4K TV and enjoy!

Up to now, Fortnite, one of the most popular games in the world right now, has been running on PS4 Pro at a resolution of 1920×1080.  In other words, regular boring Full HD 1080p.  On a PRO…very disappointing.  In its defence, the framerate is a locked 60 FPS.  As of yesterday’s Update 6.10, Fortnite 1440p Update is live for all PS4 Pro players.  Finally, pencil warriors will enjoy their building in beautiful high-resolution image.

The even better news is that the bump in resolution will have no effect to the game’s locked 60 FPS framerate.  It’s almost like the geniuses at Epic pulled out some serious secret sauce to make all this happen.  However, you probably think that if you are a PS4 Pro owner without a 4K TV then you’re left out of the loop.  Great news!  PS4 Pro released a feature a little while back that allows you to Super Sample your image quality on a 1080p display.

What that actually means in plain terms is that internally the console will render at high resolutions.  In Fortnite’s case at 1440p and brute force the resolution into a 1080p display.  This results in much sharper and cleaner visuals on a 1080p display.  So with that neat little tech explanation, Fortnite will still look really good on players on a Full HD TV.  Good news for all Pro players all around.  And you know what, I haven’t played Fortnite in a while, but I might just fire it up again just to bath in the glory of its new resolution.  Happy 4K-Fortnite-Gaming!


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