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For Honor Marching Fire Trailer

We drop the For Honor Marching Fire Trailer

For Honor is the gaming gift that just keeps on giving.  Ubisoft is dropping yet another free update tomorrow.  We share the For Honor Marching Fire Trailer.

If you are yet to play For Honor, you are absolutely doing yourself a disservice.  Sure the game started out on a wrong foot with the gaming public.  However, Ubisoft took the criticisms to heart and kept working on the title.  With each update making the game better and better.  Until we are at a point where For Honor is actually a pretty darn good, hugely underrated game, that is absolutely worth your time.  Ubisoft will be releasing yet another Free expansion to the game tomorrow titled Marching Fire.  We just so happen to have the For Honor Marching Fire Trailer right here for you guys to check out.

So what new things are added to the game you ask?  Let’s start off with a brand new Breach Mode.  This new mode allows players to take on the hugely challenging task of attempting to breach a fort or castle, or defending such a breach.  In addition to that mode, there’s a new Unlimited Arcade mode which will set up some Co-Op combat scenarios with a randomised Modifiers to each battle.  Making it that you will hardly get the same battle twice.  As if that wasn’t enough, players of the game will get 4 new heroes as well as a full Graphical overhaul to the entire game.  Every single map and character models will get much better textures and details.

Honestly, this is a really impressive deal.  And it’s all completely free.  The Marching Fire expansion goes Live tomorrow.  With that said, check out the Marching Fire Trailer Below.  Enjoy!

For Honor Marching Fire Trailer