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#rAgeExpo2018 Day 1 Gallery

We Drop Our Awesome #rAgeExpo2018 Day 1 Gallery

Well, Day 1 of the awesome rAge Expo is in the bag.  We loved every single moment of it so we decided to share our #rAgeExpo2018 Day 1 Gallery.  Enjoy! It’s now been about 16 years since rAge Expo graced our Geek filled eyes with all sorts of nerdy goodness.  Who knew that it would grow to be the definitive Tech/Geek Expo in Sunny South Africa.  And this year is just another excellent experience that is in the bag.  If you haven’t been to the expo yet, check out our #rAge2018Expo Day 1 Gallery to perhaps sway you to come over and join us.

With that all been said, games and tech are plentiful this year.  Visitors get to get their hands on LAN games of Call of Duty BLOPS IIII (seriously it’s not us, its how Treyarch writes it).  Fortnite was everywhere the eye could see and even better, there was an awesome Xbox One tournament that you could try out if you feeling lucky or highly skilled at Fortnite.   PlayStation fans could get their hands on the phenomenal Spider-Man (Read our Review on the game ) and a couple of awesome PSVR games.  Xbox, on the other hand, was showing off some Forza Horizon 4 action.  If you love racing games, there nothing better than this breathtaking title.

In a massive twist to our regular proceeding,  we ended up on an awesome podcast, Sunset Overdrive California, with host Loyiso.  It’s an absolute blast and you should totally check out that podcast, anywhere you get your podcasts.  We got to enjoy having great geeky conversations with our fellow content creators.

Nuff talk though, check out our Day 1 gallery below.  As always, keep coming back to SkyGamers.co.za.  Happy rAge-2018-Gaming!

rAge Expo 2018 Day 1 Gallery

Photography By Chris Kgorane


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