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Unreal Engine 4 Metal Gear Solid Intro

Breathtaking Unreal Engine 4 Metal Gear Solid Intro

Snaaakkeee!  Completely blows us away with this Unreal Engine 4 Metal Gear Solid Intro Remake.  Trust me, it’s totally worth seeing.  Jump inside and see.

If you are about as old as we’re not willing to admit, and gamed when you were younger on the original PlayStation.  There’s no doubt in my mind that you had Metal Gear Solid in your collection.  It was a title that was a generational masterpiece.  It’s the game that single handedly got me into Stealth game genre.  So it goes without saying that I’m a huge fan.  Imagine how my mind was blown when I saw that a mega genius by the name of Erasmus Brosdau has completely rebuilt MGS with a breathtaking Unreal Engine 4 Metal Gear Solid Intro that is making the rounds.

This hugely talented individual has put in so much detail and reworked the game to give you an idea of what a Unreal Engine 4 powered remake would look like today.  I can absolutely imagine this game running on PS4 Pro or Xbox One X hardware at 4K.  Gosh if only this gaming property didn’t belong to the horrendous Konami, than it would possibly become a reality.  With that being said, I won’t be holding my breath for this ever coming to light from the hated publisher.  Also I hope Konami doesn’t pull a D&*^ move and force the removal of this awesome video.  That would be heartbreaking.

And so we at SkyGamers salute this phenomenal work.  Enough talk though, check out the awesome video below.

Unreal Engine 4 Metal Gear Solid Intro

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