Join us for our Battlefield V Open Beta Stream

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Battlefield V Open Beta Stream

Join us for our Battlefield V Open Beta Stream

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Tonight, we go to War, World War II to be exact.  Join us for our Battlefield V Open Beta Stream as we put the latest entry in this franchise through its paces.

It seems like we featuring quite a lot of Battlefield V news this week.  It’s not intentional we swear.  Though I must admit, the entire team are huge fans of the Battlefield series.  Especially this game’s predecessor, Battlefield 1.  So we were giddy with excitement when DICE gave all players access to the Open Beta.  And so we’re going to be possibly embarrassing ourselves online when we host our Battlefield V Open Beta Stream.

If you’ve never joined us before in our previous stream, now’s you chance to see, or rather hear the voices behind the words on our precious baby.  Please do join us on our YouTube Channel tonight at 21:30 PM (South African Time for our over-the-pond brethren and sisters).  So please guys, support us and just come hang out while we have a bit of fun with this upcoming title.  We promise there’s never a dull moment with the SkyGamers Team.

And to spice things up a bit more, we’re going to be doing a game giveaway very soon.  So stayed tuned to SkyGamers for more details when we drop it.  Remember, our YouTube channel, Tonight 21:30 PM.  See you guys on the Battlefield!  Happy World-War-II-Gaming!

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