PS4 getting Subnautica release this year

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PS4 getting Subnautica release this year

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The underwater survival adventure game, Subnautica is officially heading to a PS4 console near you.  This game is not recommended for Aquaphobes.  Warning, lots of water!

Subnautica is a survival game with a heavy emphasis on underwater traversal and, erhh, survival.  Your character is tasked with scavenging for equipment, tools and anything you can get your hands on to bring the underwater base on an Alien water planet to operational status.  All while trying your best not to get eaten alive by all manner of underwater creatures.  Initially, the game was slated for release on PC and Xbox One.  However, PlayStation fans can now also join in on the fun.  We have the PS4 announcement trailer below for you to check out.

The PS4 port of the game will be handled by Panic Button Studios.  That’s the same team that miraculously got DOOM and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus to the Nintendo Switch.  The same hardworking team are working on getting Warframe, the very best template for Free-To-Play, on Nintendo Switch as well.  Anyway, back to Subnautica, the PS4 port will be released Holiday season 2018.  If this gorgeous looking title still doesn’t have your attention, maybe the announcement trailer below will change your mind.  Check it out below.  Happy Underwater-gaming!

Subnautica PS4 Announcement Trailer

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