Destiny 2 Free Play weekend for PS Plus

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Destiny 2 Free Play weekend

Destiny 2 Free Play weekend for PS Plus

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PlayStation Plus subscribers are getting a Destiny 2 Free Play Weekend this Friday.  Interested?  Then you should step into my office and we’ll have a chat.

Destiny 2 is one interesting game that seems to be splitting everyone’s opinion about it.  I, myself can’t even agree with myself about whether I love it or hate it.  So if you are one of the people who’ve been on the fence and is wondering if it’s worth a look, you are in luck.  Sorry Xbox gamers, this is for the PlayStation crowd only.  Oh, and PlayStation crowd, you need to be PS Plus crowd.  Ok, now that we’ve narrowed the interested people to those that are eligible we can continue.  Destiny 2 free play weekend kicks off for you guys on Friday, 29th June.

You will get access to the game in its entirety.  We’re talking about the Single Player campaign (which you will easily be able to clock in this weekend alone).  You’ll also be getting the Crucible (the game’s PvP), which is way more fun than the Single Player if you ask me.  Unfortunately for those wanting a taste of this feast, it doesn’t include the 2 released expansions.  Which means not all PvP modes will be available as their hidden behind the Expansion paywall.  NICE!

In other related news, Sony will have the game on Sale for half price for a limited time.  So that if you really enjoy your time during the free play, you can drop money on the game and it’s yours for good.  In my opinion, its free, give it a go and decide whether Bungie’s latest is for you or not.

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