Highlights from Ubisoft E3 Showing

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Ubisoft E3 Showing

Highlights from Ubisoft E3 Showing

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Continuing with our E3 Highlights feature, we hand the stage over to Ubisoft to reveal all their goods at the Ubisoft E3 Showing.  Will this publisher be the new benchmark?

Bethesda had a very strong event with tons of surprises and freebies.  Xbox, in my opinion, nailed it and are the current benchmark to beat.  Does Ubisoft have what it takes to steal the crown?  We find out by diving deep into Highlights from Ubisoft E3 Showing.  Let’s jump right in.

Just Dance 2019

And there goes Ubisoft with their obsession with having dance segments in their showing.  What the hell is it with Ubisoft and their obsession with on stage dancing at every single E3.  I get it, it fits in with the theme of the game they’re announcing, Just Dance 2019.  But this one just took me completely out of it…I can’t, I really can’t…

Beyond Good & Evil 2

Thankfully, they recovered very quickly from that debacle with a fan favorite.  Beyond Good and Evil 2.  Ubisoft treated its fans to a gorgeous and intense Story Trailer.  We also got to see a little bit of a gameplay teaser.  The game will be playable solo or in co-op.  Its Pièce de résistance is that the game features a massive seamless open-universe to explore.  In addition to that, Joshep Gordon-Levitt’s Hit Record will be handling Community-based collaboration of assets, art, and music for the game.

Trials Rising

Trials is back, bigger, better and filled with more crashes than ever before.  Ubisoft showed off some really awesome gameplay.  We got news that a closed beta will be kicking off soon and fans should register to get access to it.  Trials Rising will be releasing on PS4, Xbox One, PC and even the Nintendo Switch on February 2019.  Queue Epic, entertaining motorcycle crash montage!

The Division 2

Previously shown off for the first time during Xbox presentation.  The Division 2 once again hits the stage this time with its home publisher Ubisoft’s event.  We thought we saw everything there was to see during the lengthy gameplay but Ubisoft surprised with even more details.  It seems after the completion of the Campaign, players will get Special Weapon Specialization to use in Dark Zone PvE and PvP.  The game will also introduce for the first time 8-player raids.  But wait…there’s more.  After launch, Ubisoft will release 3 Story Episodes DLC.  Those episodes will be completely free.  Nicely done Ubisoft!

Skull & Bones

Take Assasin’s Creed Black Flag, throw out all the assassin shenanigans, thow in massive seas and multiplayer and Skull and Bones is what you get.  It’s basically a shared world naval combat game.  With plenty of customizations for ship and captain. It even features a nice little in-game trick to disguise your ships’ sails to appear as an imperial merchant ship for stealth.  It looks and plays like Black Flag so I guess they may have just reused some of that game engine’s underpinnings.  Skull and Bones will set sail in 2019.

For Honor

This is a surprise.  For Honor makes a return to E3 even though it’s already released.  The highlight here is that Ubisoft has made the game Free to download on UPlay for PC gamers for a limited time.  And unlike normal Free Play weekends, when the time runs out, the game is yours to keep, Forever!  Ubisoft also announced an upcoming expansion titled Marching Fire which will include a new 4v4 Castle Seige mode.

The Crew 2

After a few delays, The Crew 2 will be releasing very soon.  We’re talking 29 June 2018.  With an Open Beta coming shortly before on the 21 June 2018 (Beta? more like a demo…hardly any time to fix anything in that timeframe).  The major departure from the first game is that its not just cars now, you’ll also get to race in Boats and Airplanes.  Can’t wait to get my hands on this awesome looking arcade racer.

Assasins Creed Odyssey

Ubisoft closes off their showing with the absolutely gorgeous Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.  If you thought Origins was amazing to behold, feast your eyes on this.  Now set in the beautiful vistas of Ancient Greece.  You play as one of two Spartan characters who are direct descendants of Leonardis himself.  They showed off fantastic looking gameplay.  And for the first time in an Assassins Creed game, you will get branching storylines based on your decisions.  The game releases on the 5th October 2018 and I absolutely can’t wait to get my hands on it.

So if I were a teacher grading Ubisoft’s Show and Tell, I’d give them a C+.  Sure they had some great offerings, but most of the show was actually kinda dead and uninteresting.  I really left out quite a lot of content because, well it sucked.  With that being said, all the highlights were really that good.  However, not enough to dethrone the current King of E3 Microsoft.  Did any of you guys catch the stream?  Share with us your thoughts on Ubisoft’s showing in the comments section below.

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