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Square Enix E3 Briefing

Catch the Square Enix E3 Briefing Here

E3 2018 continues to soldier onwards with a very strong showing this year (minus EA).  We continue our coverage this time with Square Enix taking to the stage.

Xbox had a brilliant showing, Bethesda also surprised and amazed.  Even the crazy briefing from Devolver Digital was able to thoroughly entertain.  That doesn’t mean you should count out Square Enix.  They hold a large catalog of really big franchises.  Where do I begin?  Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Kindom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy VII Remake just to name the heavy hitters which I know will be at the showing.  After so many years of development, is this the year we finally get a Final Fantasy VII Remake release date?  How long does it take to make this game?

It’s the unknowns that I’m more curious about.  Such as the Marvel Avengers Project which I’d really like to get more information about.  Fingers crossed for a gameplay reveal.  Square Enix E3 Briefing will be kicking off in a few minutes.  We’ll find out soon enough if they have what it takes to cut the mustard.  Stay tuned to SkyGamers.co.za and catch the stream below.  Let’s kick this thing into top gear.

Square Enix E3 Briefing (IGN Stream coverage)

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