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Fight Night Champion

Fight Night Champion is newest Backwards Compatibility Title

The definitive boxing game from the previous generation console makes its way into the current gen.  Fight Night Champion has been added to Xbox One backward compatibility list.

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Fight Night franchise.  Since the start of the current console generation, I’ve been waiting with bated breath for a new release of unchallenged champion of the genre.  Alas, to this day, no release of Fight Night has been released or even announced.  Luckily, thanks to Xbox One Backwards Compatibility program Fight Night Champion makes a huge comeback.

The undeniable champion of the boxing genre is available right now to play on your Xbox One and Xbox One X consoles.  If you still have the game disc, just pop it into your console and after a patch update is installed, you’re good to go.  However, if you no longer have the game disc, but still want to enjoy the game there’s a solution for you too.  Just head on over to Xbox Store and purchase a digital copy which will download to play on your console.

Honestly, I’m excited to go back into this game and give it another go.  In this generation, EA seems to be focussing on UFC and have all but forgotten the Fight Night series.  Hopefully, this breathes new life into the franchise.  Possibly give EA Sports a reason to bring it back from the brink.  For more of your favorite gaming news, stay tuned to SkyGamers.co.za.  Happy Boxing-Gaming!

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