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God of War Review

Beautiful 4K Screenshots from God of War

If you were expecting our review, well you’re going to need a bit more patience for us to complete the game.  Instead, the gorgeous visuals of the game are far too astounding to not share with you guys.  So here’s but a teaser of 4K Screenshots from God of War.

God of War is out and taking setting the gaming world alight in a blaze of awesome greek demigod fury.  I’ve put in roughly 10 hours of gameplay so far and impressions are sky high.  But we’ll delve into details about the game in our upcoming Review.  So please stay tuned for that.  I don’t want to rush through the game, I want to make sure I enjoy everything it has to offer before I put my words to proverbial paper.  Today, we’re just going to let our jaws drop to the floor as we share the beautiful 4K Screenshots from God of War.

Honestly, it’s almost as if there is no bad screenshot you can take of the game.  The visuals are absolutely breathtaking from the moment the game starts and it never lets up.  So much color and variation of color is offered throughout the experience.  The lighting solution is a major highlight of the game.  Straddling the fine line between realism and artistic impression.  Santa Monica studio has done a phenomenal job with this game’s visuals.  This could very well be the best looking game on console bar none.  High praise, I know.  But words are hollow.  Here are some 4K images below to show you what I’m on about.  Remember to stay tuned to SkyGamers for the full review.  While you at it, go check out our new gaming store.  We have some great deals on a selection of AAA titles.  Stocks are limited so don’t hesitate.  Happy 4K HDR Gaming!

God Of War 4K Images