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CoD Black Ops 4 Campaign situation

Let’s talk about the CoD Black Ops 4 Campaign situation

I take a moment to share my two cents about the worrying CoD Black Ops 4 Campaign situation which the rumors are spreading like wildfire.  Keep in mind these are still unconfirmed rumors.

If you’ve been reading up on gaming news recently you’ll no doubt have seen numerous headlines about the CoD Black Ops 4 Campaign situation.  What situation the few of you ask?  I’m talking about rumors of this year’s CoD dropping the singleplayer campaign in favor of their version of Battle Royale.  So it’s super understandable that a lot of us gamers are either worried or downright annoyed at this news.  And I just want to throw in my own opinions on the matter.

Call of Duty is a behemoth of gaming franchise.  We can argue as much as we like about how much worse the game is getting.  However, we can’t deny that it is a franchise that pushes millions of copies sold each and every year.  One mainstay of the franchise is that it always, like clockwork released with a Single Player Campaign.  All the way to the first game.  Which was actually from the ground up a Single Player game.  So if this rumor turns out to be true, it will serve as the very first time a CoD game releases as a Multiplayer Only title.

Now there are two major issues that arise from this.  The first issue is that if this were to be true, it will immediately alienate the millions of gamers who actually buy these titles for their campaign only.  Myself being one of them.  I know of recent time the game has had a very strong multiplayer following, but I was in it for the story.  Even if lately they did go for a more Micheal Bay-esque presentation.

Nonetheless, the story was where it’s at for the lot of us.  I have given the MP a bit of a go but it was always disposable for me at least.  I prefer the school of Battlefield for my MP exploits.  So you can imagine how irritated I was by this news.  I like many of you have no reason to make a purchase of the new CoD if it has no SP.  This is going to hurt the franchise really badly.  More so than the Space Warfare debacle of Infinite Warfare.

The second issue is the whole idea of replacing SP with battle royal mode instead.  This just feels like a cheap money grab.  Battle Royal is the hot new pair of sneakers right now and everyone wants a pair.  With the biggest games right now both belonging to the Battle Royal genre, it seems Activision wants a piece of that pie and what better way to get it than with the behemoth that is Call of Duty.

Which means by all accounts all available modes would require some form of Internet multiplayer.  I get that as a business Activision wants to maximize their profits by going to the genre’s or game modes that are popular with gamers right now, but this is the wrong way to go about it.  There are reports that one of the reasons was that Treyarch wasn’t going to finish Single Player in time for release.  Especially with the release being 1 month earlier.  So they instead dedicated their resources to Battle Royal instead.

I cannot begin to rant enough about how butt headed that idea really is.  Would it have not been a better idea instead to dedicate those resources to finish a quality single player?  And then post-launch work on a Battle Royal mode that can be released as DLC.  I’m sure Activision would get a kick out of charging an arm and a leg for that content.  As things stand right now, bearing in mind that these are unconfirmed rumors, Treyarch may be in for some Battlefront II level of backlash from fans.

We just all need to keep our tempers in check for the time being until the title is unveiled on the 17th May.  You can bet I’m going to be all over that stream.  So what do you guys think, is the Single Player removal a deal breaker for you?  Or are you all about the MP and couldn’t be bothered about the campaign, or lack thereof.  Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.  As always keep coming back to SkyGamers.co.za.

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